A Transformation of Cruelties

A ballet, a boxing match, a balancing act
Be your own guardian angel
Prepared and wrapped
Moving with love but ready for danger
The choreography of it all
A transformation of cruelties
Absorbed and forged into something better
I’m learning and discerning
When I was 17 I didn’t know how to do that yet
I collected the cruelties and turned them back on you
A duel of unmet needs
But we were on the same team
The answer is a constellation
Crawling out from the poisoned web
Regret formed into a new gravity
A way of being, glowing, dreaming
I figured out that I am part of it all
And there’s no way around that
Being alive is the most intense thing I’ve ever experienced
I’m finding an understanding
It starts and ends with love
With growing plants and getting strong
Turning into a doomsday prepper
Training for the end
Anxiety turned into pleasure