I believe in creating an exploratory learning environment through open ended assignments, student guided curriculum, and prioritizing student well-being through social-emotional learning. 

I have experience teaching in K-12 classroom environments and community workshops. In 2021 I founded Circus of Crafts, a series of all skill levels craft workshops in backyards around LA. My lifelong passion for crafts and learning was shaped by attending a Montessori School as a kid and CalArts as an adult. While at CalArts I studied pedagogy and worked with the CAP program every semester through graduation. I love making things together :~)


  • 20 years experience

  • Have taught ages 7+

    THEMES: craft as art, wages for housework movement, utility, collective making.


  • 9 years of experience

  • 3 years of workshop teaching experience

  • Handbuilding, wheel throwing, pinch, coil, slab, glazing and firing skills. 

    THEMES: Practical art, permanance vs. temporality, intuition. 


  • Palm frond basket weaving

    THEMES: Cutural history of palms in Los Angeles, ethical foraging, utilizing local abundance

  • Tapestry weaving

  • Hand loom building

    THEMES: unalienated labor, meditation, weaving as a metaphor for an interwoven community. 


  • Rubber block printing

  • Cyanotypes

  • Inkjet photography printing

    THEMES: art accessbility, reproducibility, protest art. 


  • 2 years experience

  • Have lead multiple all ages oak gall ink workshops

    THEMES: sustainability, responsible foraging, local ecology, chemical reactions. 


  • 13 years experience

  • Digital, film, darkroom, 35mm, 120, and large format. 

    THEMES: connection, exploration, community, looking, self.