The times I feel most spiritual are when coincidences feel too perfect to be arbitrary, like when me and my friend were looking through a zine library and we found a zine sent to her exact address, down to the suite. Or when I'm thinking about a song and it comes on the radio. Or the fact that I’m a twin born on March 21st and so was my great grandma. Or that me and my half sister have the same middle name even though we were named by two different moms existing totally separate from eachother. It's not that I think someone is orchestrating all of this, I just like to appreciate the magic of it.

These photos are an exercise in finding meaning in coincidences. I first took photos of abstract colors and light and then shot portraits over the same film creating chance aura readings. There isn't a science behind it, they just happened and there is a magic in that.  

Rookie Mag, 2016